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Parameters for EDM Water

Water Sensor 1 Filtered Water, Low Level.
Water Sensor 2 Unfiltered Water, Low Level.
Water Sensor 3 Conductivity.
Water Sensor 4 Temperature.
Water Sensor 5 Input Pressure, Filter Bank.
Water Sensor 6 Fluid Flow, Top Nozzle
Water Sensor 7 Fluid Flow, Lower Nozzle

Deionized water is very corrosive; the deionizing system components should be matched according to materials of design as well as performance.

EDM Water Ion Echange Resin Diagram

Deionization assures high quality water for high quality parts.

Simple System

Consistent flow of a pure, dielectric water enhances the EDM machine's capacity to deliver a precise cut. That, in turn, enables production of quality parts. Which is why you cannot underestimate the value of your deionizing system.

It's especially true for the latest EDM trend: high speed cutting. New EDM systems call for flushing at up to 300 psi, tripling and even quadrupling the load on pumps, filters and resin.

EDM machine manufacturers are well aware of the potential problems and have taken these considerations into account. So operators should always observe the manufacturer's recommendations for setting up, using, and maintaining the deionized-water dielectric system.


Extra Care

Better systems, as depicted in the schematic, are capable of automatically monitoring water flow, temperature, pressure, conductivity, and other factors affecting water purity. Operators should, as well, pay special attention to the byproducts of machining, to bacterial contamination, and to fungi contamination. These are frequent culprits when the water system is not measuring up to the EDM production demand.

As dissolved salts collect in the deionizer, of course, they diminish the deionizing system's capacity to produce a dielectric water. That's when you should send the exhausted resin to ABA for replacement at about half the cost of virgin resin.

There's another advantage to regenerating the resin with ABA. Our regeneration process strips resin of contaminants which you would otherwise need to dispose of according to federal and state laws for environmental control. When we regenerate resin, we also dispose of the contaminants according to regulatory agency requirements.


For Perfect Parts

EDM-machined for NASA's Mars rover.
Fine-tuned systems are capable of routinely producing high quality, precision-manufactured parts.

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September 15, 2018